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Ashutosh Ghule


I have undergone Ozone Therapy at Dr. Bajpai Clinic for my knees after undergoing ACL reconstruction surgery on my right knee in 2013.

Having known a Dr. BAJPAI for last 5 years he recommended Ozone therapy for my knee as there were also signs of OA in both my knees.

I feel an appreciable difference in both knees in terms of flexibility and range of motion.The postoperative stiffness has gone. I would recommend ozone therapy for people with knee problems.

Munish Jethi


This has reference to the Oxygen Ozone Healing Therapy of Knee Joints & Overall functioning of the body being carried out in the clinic of Dr. Prashant Bajpai for my mother, Mrs. Savitri Jethi (Age 64 years).

My mother had undergone Prolozone treatment for both knee joint pain & for enhancement of the metabolism of entire body through Intrarectal Ozone. The benefits which we got & observed from the treatment of my mother as under:

First of all, there was a severe pain in the both knee joints. She could hardly get up from the bed in morning. It took nearly 5-10 minutes to start walking after getting up from the bed. The pain started declining after the 3rd dose and a major effect was felt after the 4th dose of the treatment. It was really a miracle for us, as we had lost hope & knee replacement was the only solution given by the doctors. It was only in your clinic that we got hope that she can still continue with the original knees through this therapy. The pain in the knees slowly started disappearing and my mother could resume to her normal day to day work in 4-5 weeks time. Before the treatment she uses to always complain that she is unable to walk due to pain. But from the past 4 months she enjoys doing every little bit of work at home, due to the total relief & disappearance of the pain.

There is no difficulty in climbing the stairs in the 2nd floor now. She could walk up & down every day.

We had further gone for Intrarectal Ozone for overall improvement in body & found many problems being cured without medicines: She use to snore very loud while sleeping & saliva use to come out from the mouth. The same is cured and there is no problem of snoring while sleeping. There used to be disturbed sleep at night which was cured very easily within 2 weeks.

There was problem of breathlessness. After ozone, she stopped using ventrolin pump, neubelizer & other medicines of asthma as if there was no such problem in the body.

She used to sleep with a blanket even in summers. The air of fan was even not tolerable. She could not feel the difference of weather. Now she can sit even in AC & can feel weather it is hot or cold.

There was a tremendous change in the overall metabolism of the body. She looked more energetic & younger. I as a son, offer my sincere thanks to Dr. Prashant Bajpai & team, for bringing such a treatment and offering a new life to my mother.

Animesh Gautam


I had this ligament injury in my left knee which was incurred while I was playing a football match. Time and again my knee used to hurt post the injury while playing any sort of sports.

Dr. Bajpai Sir had then advised me to go for this Ozone therapy to which it I have agreed after doing an extensive study. The treatment was a lengthy process.

But I would surely agree that the process has been beneficial to me and helped me in attaining close to 60-70% of my earlier physical levels.

I would recommend this therapy to all who have patience to deal with it as it's a time consuming process but the benefits are there to stay.


Prolozone Therapy For My Unstable Knees

Instability of the knee is effectively treated with Prolotherapy. I had severe knees pain and was barely able to walk few days ago. All of my joints are hyper mobile. As a child, I would pop my knees backwards to entertain my friends.

Dr. Prashant Bajpai administered Prolotherapy to my unstable knees. The next week I was back at work, but still in some pain. After three sessions it was nearly pain free. Due to the severity of my case I received six Prolotherapy sessions for my knees. Prolotherapy strengthens the ligaments of my knee joints.

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