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Best Joint Pain Treatment in Delhi, Pitampura

In India, Joint pains are generally associated with the arrival of old age. In most cases, people here start experiencing joint pains after they have entered in their late thirties. As a matter of fact, the situation here is so alarming that almost 90 percent of people entering their late thirties start experiencing symptoms of joint pain.  

If you too are beginning to feel the pain in your joints now, it will be better if you seek a good treatment for your joint pains at the earliest. With new advancements in Ortho-care procedures, it is now possible to treat even the acutest joint pains without any surgical procedures. So act now and visit Spine Ortho Pain today for availing the best treatment for your joint pains at the earliest. 

Get cured of chronic joint pain with best joint pain treatment in Delhi……

Whether you’re suffering from moderate or severe joint pain, opting for best joint pain treatment in Delhi will prove fruitful. Dr. Bajpai’s Spine & Ortho Pain Centre is a prestigious healthcare centre offering high-end treatment for relief from pain in the joint, muscles, spine etc. Paying due heed to the latest advancements in the Ortho-care procedures, orthopaedicians at Spine & Ortho Pain Centre are capable of treating all types of joint pains within least amount of time. The highly qualified joint pain specialists work towards bringing you relief from pain. The physical therapists at Dr. Bajpai’s Spine & Ortho Pain Centre will be working on strengthening the joint muscles, stabilizing the joint and improving the movability. Techniques such as ultrasound, electrical nerve stimulation, heat or cold therapy etc. are being utilized for curing the pain associated with muscles and joints.

Anti-inflammatory injections work for acute joint pains……

Orthopaedicians at renowned healthcare centres are also engaged in treating the patients via anti-inflammatory agents. The Ozone gas injections have proven to be tremendously effective in treating pain associated with joints. Other impressive options utilized as per the injection treatment include the removal of fluid from the joint, the use of injections consisting of hyaluronan, which is an artificial joint fluid etc. As the best joint pain treatment in Delhi, the injection-based alternative works remarkably for treating osteoarthritis. In addition to this, the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy also works wonders for treatment of painful joints. As per this therapy, the physician injects platelets fetched from the patient’s blood in order to rebuild the damaged or degraded cartilage or tendon. Popularly known as the Stem Cell therapy, it serves as a commendable option for kick-starting the process of healing pain in the joints.

Rest is the best solution for avoiding joint pain……

Although a large number of treatments are available for getting rid of joint pain, one of the most advisable methods of avoiding chronic joint pain is taking complete rest. Overexerting the joints is perhaps one of the major reasons behind recurring joint pain. Leading an active lifestyle and checking out your diet are the best things to do if you want to keep joint pain at bay. It is recommended to keep your joints at rest for approximately 10-15 minutes in every hour. Also, adhering to a well-planned exercise routine would allow you to strengthen your muscles for better movement.


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