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How to avoid slip disc surgery

How to avoid slipped disc surgery?

Slipped or herniated disc can cause severe pain in the lower back. While a lot of painkillers are available to treat the slipped disc problem, there are patients who’re desperate to get rid of the illness and hence opt for a surgery. If you’re not in this crowd and intend to avoid a slipped disc surgery, then there are some vital pointers that you need to keep in mind.


Risks associated with slipped disc surgeries

Although a majority of slipped disc sufferers have chosen surgery as the ultimate treatment for their problem, there are others who skip undergoing a surgery for slipped disc in their neck and lower back. Here are some of the most prominent risks associated with undergoing a surgery for slipped disc problem:

  • The human body requires a way lot of time for adjusting post the slipped disc surgery
  • 100% success rate isn’t guaranteed
  • There are about 60% chances of a second surgery after the first spinal surgery
  • Chances for infection or damage to the hardware installed in the body, always exist
  • Surgery isn’t the right option for removing the root cause of the slipped disc problem

Embrace Ozone Discectomy/Nuecleolysis for surgery-free spine treatment

At Spine & Ortho Pain Centre, we enable patients to get cured of their spine problem in a surgery-free way.  We treat them using Ozone Discectomy procedure which involves injecting the medical ozone gas in and around the slipped disc. So, whether you’re suffering from slipped disc in your neck or spine; trained orthopaedicians at Spine & Ortho Pain Centre will treat you successfully via the Ozone Discectomy procedure. Backed by a success rate of 70-80% and zero complications; the Ozone Didcectomy/Nuecleolysis is performed under local anaesthesia and the patient is permitted to leave for home within a couple of hours post the procedure. As compared to other methods of treating slipped disc, for example, endoscopic discectomy, conventional open surgery and percutaneous discectomy; the Ozone discectomy procedure has worked wonders for patients suffering from lingering back and leg pain.

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