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Best Hip Pain Treatment in Delhi, India

Best Treatment by expert doctors for all your hip joint pains

Hip pain is very common in almost all age group people. Hips start paining because they are the largest weight-bearing joints in the whole body. If you are facing severe pain in your hip joints, opt for the No. 1 Hip pain treatment provides in Delhi. Dr. Bajpai’s Spine and Ortho Pain Centre is India’s leading orthopedics Centre. Hip pain can also occur due to diseases in different body parts such as lower back, etc… It is most common in people of middle sixties. It could also happen due to past injury or accident. Our professional doctors can easily treat it make you fit and healthy. Doctors at Dr. Bajpai’s Spine and Ortho Pain Centre diagnose the source of pain via x-ray and other latest technologies than give you a quality and proper treatment to end the pain permanently. Whatever kind of pain is it doesn’t matter, Orthopedic Surgeon at Dr. Bajpai’s clinic are experienced enough to help you get rid of your pain. Also it doesn’t cost much.

Get treated by the best doctors in Delhi

At Dr. Bajpai’s Spine and Ortho Pain Centre, we have the team of best doctors and physical therapists who work dedicatedly to provide you relief from your pain and live a happy and pain free life. You just need to contact us then rest is our task to treat you. To identify hip pain you should know about the symptoms of hip pain such as Limping while walking, Inflammation in hip joints, Constant pain in lower back, etc… It can be caused by many reasons such as arthritis, Hip injuries (hip fracture, bursitis, dislocation of bones in hip), Bone cancer, Leukemia, etc… There can be many treatments for hip pain such as anti – inflammatory injections, by doing exercises and stretching, giving appropriate rest to the damaged/affected hip joint, doing ice therapy but don’t apply ice directly, etc… Our doctors can give you the best treatment incorporated with planned exercises which you can do at your home to improve faster. Our doctors hold stars under their belt in treating hip joint paint patients.

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