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Best Joint Pain Treatment in Delhi, India


Get treated for the acute or chronic joint pains


In today’s lifestyle, people are usually suffering from Joint pains. It is very common in the people who are entering their late thirties. To get it treated properly you should opt for the best joint pain treatment in Delhi, India. Here at Dr. Bajpai’s Spine and Ortho Pain Centre, we take pride of being renowned as the best joint pain centre in Delhi. Our experienced doctors will provide you with the high quality treatment for all kind of joint pains/osteoarthritis.  All our physical therapists adhere to make your life pain free. They will ask you for some exercises by which your muscles and joints can be strengthened and increase mobility. At our health care Centre we have advance techniques like Heat or Cold Therapy, ENS (Electrical Nerve Stimulation), and many more to heal your pain. Either it is an acute or a chronic pain our doctors will diagnose the root cause of your pain and treat it with complete dedication and attention. You should not ignore these kinds of pains as they might lead to the life threatening diseases like joint cancer.



Treatment by Professionally qualified and experienced doctors


Treatment given at our clinic is considered as the Best Joint Pain Treatment in Delhi, India. At our pain relief Centre patients are treated with Anti – Inflammatory injections such as ozone gas injection, Hyaluronan injection. In this type of treatment, injections are given in the joints to regenerate the degrade cartilage and tendon. We also provide Stem cell therapy at our clinic. In this treatment, patient is injected with the platelets which are fetched from the patient’s blood to rebuild the damaged tendon or cartilage. Our clinic has well qualified and experienced doctors who hold stars under their belts to treat patients with any kinds of joint pain. Get the best treatment at an affordable cost today.



Symptoms of joint pains and methods of avoiding it


There are many symptoms by which you can identify the beginning of joint pains. Few common symptoms or signs are given below:

  • Swelling in the joints.
  • Joints redness.
  • If you feel difficult to walk.
  • If your joints get locked.
  • If you have stiffness or weakness in your joints.

But you should take preventive measures to avoid joint pains in your future. You should give rest to your joints for around 10-15 minutes every hour and do regular well- planned exercises.

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