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Best Cervical Pain Treatment in Delhi, India


Undoubtedly the best Cervical Pain Treatment in Delhi, India

Our Cervical spine consists of the first seven vertebrae. Here at Dr. Bajpai’s Spine and Ortho Pain Centre, we care for you and help you live a pain free life. It is a common health problem suffered by many people at some time in their life. Our doctors carry wholesome expertise in treating these kinds of issues for a long time. Our advanced diagnostic machines help them to examine the root cause of the pain and severity of the pain. Our physical therapists also work together by giving you exercises which you do in their presence also some exercises to be done at home to see better results and avoiding surgery. We aim to give you the best facilities at our clinic. The diagnostic machines include X-ray, CT scan, etc… to diagnose any injury or fracture in cervical spine. We can treat cervical or neck pain by medicines and surgery both. At Dr. Bajpai’s Spine and Ortho Pain Centre we try our best to avoid surgery but we do surgery if becomes mandatory.




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Cervical is mostly common in women than men. You should consult a doctor if feeling stiffness and continuous pain neck for more than a weak. As it could lead to health issues like slipped discs and much more. This could happen due to sprain in muscles, trauma, incorrect sitting and sleeping postures, infection in cervical spine, tumours in spine and much more. Our highly experienced doctors can provide all kind of treatments like injections in spine, physical therapy, anti – inflammatory injections, surgery, etc… Our qualified doctors don’t believe in surgeries, they try to eradicate pain via therapies and medication only. Our neck holds the weight of head and allows smooth movement. You should take timely treatment to avoid the pain to get worse and avoid surgery. Dr. Bajpai’s Spine and Ortho Pain Centre offers you effective treatment in lowest price. Our dedicated team of doctors adheres to help get a permanent solution for your pain. The pain from neck may spread to shoulder, back, head and arms. The treatment for pain in neck vary upon the causes of pain.


For further information book an appointment at Dr. Bajpai’s Spine and Ortho Pain Centre, The Best Cervical Pain Treatment in Delhi, India.

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