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Oxygen Ozone Healing Therapies

What is Oxygen Ozone Healing Therapy?

The oxygen you breathe is present in the air as a pair of oxygen atoms (O2) & is the most stable form of oxygen. Ozone is an allotropic form of oxygen & is composed of three oxygen atoms (O3). It is the addition of the third oxygen atom that makes ozone supercharged oxygen & gives it all of its remarkable properties which are being defined & applied to biological system as well as medical practice. Medical Oxygen Ozone Healing Therapy is a unique form of therapy that both heals and detoxifies at the same time. Ozone is produced by lightening & UV rays in nature where as Medical Ozone is produce by pulsing high current of electricity in a controlled manner through Medical Grade oxygen at an exact concentration & dosages. Use of medical ozone for the prevention or treatment of various diseases is referred as Medical Oxygen Ozone Healing Therapy. Through its mechanism of action Medical Oxygen Ozone has beneficial effects on every part of body.


Historical Perspectives of Oxygen Ozone Healing Therapy

It originated in Germany well over one hundred years back. The modern development of Oxygen Ozone application in medicine began in the 1950s in Europe and gradually spread throughout Europe to Italy France Russia Romania Poland Czech Republic Hungary Yugoslavia Bulgaria Israel Japan Singapore Brazil Cuba Mexico 4 Canadian provinces and many US states (Alaska Washington California Colorado Nevada New Mexico Texas Oklahoma Georgia New York North Carolina Ohio Minnesota). Currently Oxygen Ozone Healing Therapy is rapidly gaining popularity in various medical fields especially in Pain Management. It is becoming more popular in India & rest of the world.

Medical Properties of Oxygen Ozone

• Oxygen Ozone is a potent regulator of the immune system i.e. when the immune system is overactive (as in auto-immune disease) oxygen ozone will calm it down & when the immune system is under active as in cancer & chronic infections oxygen ozone will stimulate it. This unique ability of oxygen ozone stems from its action on the membranes of white cells that causes them to produce immune related messenger molecules called cytokines.

• Oxygen Ozone stimulates increased uptake of oxygen by stimulating the enzyme diphosphoglycerate (DPG). DPG enables the release of oxygen from the hemoglobin molecule so that it can be taken up into the cell. In the absence of an adequate amount of DPG our cells become starved for oxygen (common problem in diabetics).

• Oxygen Ozone improves circulation. It does this by enhancing the flow characteristics of blood as a liquid. This effect enables more of the oxygen carrying hemoglobin to reach the capillaries where ultimately the cells will receive more of the oxygen they require. Many patients with chronic inflammatory conditions have impaired circulation.

• Oxygen Ozone increases antioxidant protection more than any other therapy including vitamin C. Most people with chronic disease have deficient antioxidant defenses.

Oxygen Ozone is a powerful mitochondrial stimulant. The underlying cause behind all degenerative disease (Osteoarthritis Slip disc) is decreased mitochondrial energy production. Oxygen Ozone can often correct this problem.

• A sufficiency of oxygen for the blood means better blood better circulation better assimilation better equilibrium of body temperature better vasomotor activity better digestion better elimination of waste products less chance of autointoxication or toxemia and less chance of infection and disease.

Oxygen Ozone Healing Therapy is Safe

This treatment is safe as healthy cells are surrounded by an enzyme coating which ozone does not penetrate. Bacteria & Viruses have no such coatings & are oxidized on contact with oxygen ozone. Medical Oxygen Ozone is blatantly non-toxic. There is no evidence of free radical damage; in fact oxygen ozone is the best free radical scavenger. In addition it can be combined with regular treatment also.


Which Diseases does Oxygen Ozone Healing Therapy Treat?


Joint Pain Arthritis Slip Disc (Herniated Disc) Neck Pain Sciatica Ankylosing Spondylitis Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Sports Injury (Chronic Sprain & Strain) Tennis Elbow Golfer ElbowRotator Cuff Injuries TMJ Pain Lumbago Osteoporosis Gout Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Synovitis Tendonitis Bursitis etc. Ozone Nucleolysis (Ozone Discectomy) and Paravertebral Injections of Oxygen Ozone have proven to be a great success in treating back pain related to disc herniation. Also Prolozone Therapy is very effective in treating joint arthritis.


Migraine Trigeminal Neuralgia Headache Stroke Parkinsons Disease Depression etc.The pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases is significantly associated with oxidative stress. Increased oxidative stress is also associated with neuronal cell death.


Diabetic Ulcer, Diabetic Foot, Bed Sores, Varicose Veins, Degenerative Vascular Diseases (Arteriosclerosis Obliterans), Gangrene etc.Oxidative stress is suggested to have an important role in the development of complications in diabetes. Oxygen Ozone Healing Therapy improved glycemic control prevented oxidative stress normalized levels of organic peroxides & activated superoxidedismutase by activating the antioxidant system. Ozone has been used with good results in the treatment of patients with diabetic foot because of its germicidal properties.


Chronic Liver Disease (Hepatitis B & C) Cirrosis Hypercholesterolemia Lymphedema Colibacillosis Hemorrhoids Constipation Ulcerative Colitis (Crohns Disease) Gastritis Gastric & Duodenal Ulcer Adjuvant Therapy In Cancer etc.

Scientific studies have proven repeatedly that oxygen ozone removes accumulated toxins and inactivates viruses bacteria fungi yeast protozoa & carcinomas in disease cells. All harmful bacteria and viruses are anaerobic & cannot thrive in an oxygen-rich atmosphere. The use of oxygen ozone in the treatment of cancer addresses the problem of cellular hypoxia or oxygen starvation & has wide systemic effects & improves the quality of life. The efficacy of this treatment has been proven over the last fifty years in Germany.


Senile Dementia Alzheimer Arteriosclerosis & Parkinsonism etc.

Oxygen Ozone shows general revitalizing capacity & successfully used for poor concentration forgetfulness balancing problems (difficuilty in walking). Elderly people generally experience a feeling of well being.


Cellulitis Herpes Simplex & Zoster Eczema Bed Sores Burn Wound Healing Psoriasis Dermatitis etc. Oxygen Ozone Healing Therapy has been already proved to be an excellent disinfectant & healing stimulator.


Glaucoma Optic Neuropathy Retinitis Pigmentosa & Macular degeneration etc.


Chronic Pelvic Inflammation Recurrent Vulvovaginitis Tumors Metaplasia Displasia Genito Urinary Infections By Viruses Fungi Bacteria Menopausal Syndrome Puerperal Infections & Inflammations etc.


Methods of Oxygen Ozone Administration

External/Local Application:

• Ozone Bagging

• Ozone Funneling/Cupping

• Ozone Water

• Ozone Oil

• Breathing Ozone through Oil

• Ozone Steam Bath

Internal/Systemic Application:
Non invasive application

• Intra Rectal Ozone Insufflation

• Intra Vaginal Ozone Insufflation

• Ear Ozone Insufflations

• Intra Nasalapplication

• Intra Vesical & Intra Urethral Application

• Dental Applications

Invasive application

• Intraarticular Ozone Injections

• Intramuscular Ozone Injections

• Subcutaneous Ozone Injections

• Periarticular Ozone Injections

• Paravertebral Ozone Injections

• Microinjections at Biologically Active Points

• Intravenous infusion of Ozonated Saline

• Major AutoHemoTherapy

• Minor AutoHemoTherapy

• Recirculatory Hemoperfusion

• Ozone Injections for Spine

• Ozone Discectomy

The key points to remember about medical Oxygen Ozone Healing Therapy

• Pain Reliever Regenerator Detoxifier Immune Enhancer Energizer

• Safe With Absence Of Any Significant Side Effects.

• Affordable OPD Treatment.

• Good Tolerance By Patients With No Additional Procedure Related Pain During Treatment.

• Inactivates Bacteria Viruses Fungi & Protozoa

• Stimulates the body Natural Healing Ability (Accelerates Wound Healing).

• Feeling Of Well Being Improvement In Quality Of Life.

• Majority Of Patients Can Have Good To Excellent Relief In Symptoms.

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