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How to preserve your natural joints

How to preserve your natural joints?

Currently, a whopping 21 million adults are suffering from osteoarthritis. Well, there can be various reasons behind the pain in knee, joints, neck, shoulders etc. While some people face osteoarthritis due to aging, others face the illness due to a previous injury or excessive weight. At Spine & Ortho Pain Centre, we treat osteoarthritis of all levels. Our team of physiotherapists and orthopaedicians is experienced in handling osteoarthritis cases for people of all age groups. In addition to this, we also aim towards increasing the awareness about preserving your natural joints.

Tips on keeping your joints in proper shape

  1. Maintain the most appropriate weight

Spine & Ortho Pain Centre focuses on maintaining a healthy weight for preserving your joints. With this, you’ll be able to reduce the small tears that result in breakdown of the cartilage. Additionally, a healthy weight will also aid you in slowing the progression of disease over the years.

  1. Put emphasis on regular mobility of joints

It’s a proven fact that keeping your joints immobile leads to osteoarthritis. Hence, it is recommended to keep your joints movable in order to reduce the stiffness and pain. You can go for activities like cycling, low-impact bending and stretching exercises.

  1. Icing the joints after exercising

Exercising leads to fetching of a fluid called synovial fluid to the joints and if the same sticks around for a longer duration of time, it can lead to cracks in the cartilage. Hence, icing the joints that were exposed to exercising will get this fluid out of the joints into the lymphatic system and prevent the occurrence of pain and stiffness.

  1. Consume the required nutrients

As per a recent research it has been found that consumption of omega-3 fatty acids can help in reducing the symptoms associated with pain in joints. The production of inflammation-signalling cells can be lowered using the fish oil. In addition to this, Vitamin D has also come up as an excellent source of protecting joints from pain and inflammation.

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