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Questions and Answers Related to Oxygen Ozone Healing Therapy

Q. What is Ozone?

Ozone is three Oxygen atoms in a molecule. Its name is derived from the Greek word ozein meaning "to smell". At room temperature, Ozone is a colorless gas with a characteristic odor. Ozone is an unstable compound and it readily breaks down in to Oxygen

Q. What is Medical Ozone?

Medical ozone is always prepared from pure medical grade oxygen and NEVER from air. Medical Ozone oxygenates as well as oxidizes.

Q. It must be a new therapy, as I have not heard much about it.

In fact it is not a new therapy. Ozone is in medical use for over a century. Ozone was discovered in Germany by Christian Friedrich Schonbein in 1840. It was used extensively to treat war wounds during World Wars. Machines made with special Ozone resistant materials - like Plastic, Silica, Teflon giving exact concentration of Ozone, were invented in 1950s.Ozone is very popular in countries like Germany, Russia, Italy, France, Cuba, etc.

Q. What exactly is Oxygen Ozone therapy? How does Ozone act?

Converting medical grade Oxygen (more than 99% pure Oxygen) into Ozone and using it in the treatment of various disease conditions is called Ozone Therapy. Ozone has certain distinctive characteristics which makes it a very powerful treatment tool. In our body, each cell burns sugar (carbohydrates) with Oxygen to make high energy molecules. The Carbon-Hydrogen bond in the sugar molecule is cleaved, and Oxygen bonds with the Hydrogen, forming water H2O and Carbon dioxide (CO2). If there is insufficient Oxygen available, Carbon monoxide (CO) along with excessive lactic acid are formed and the blood is made more acidic. If this Oxygen deprivation (hypoxia) continues for long, the cell will not oxidize the sugar but will be forced to ferment it anaerobically (in absence of Oxygen - which is not a right way for human cells). Lactic acidosis, in turn, makes more cells to ferment. This lack of Oxygen is the root cause of almost all diseases including cancer.


Now, Oxygen Ozone Healing Therapy tackles this problem in following ways:

  • Ozone makes the Red blood cells release more Oxygen at tissue level. Thus restoring normal oxidation of sugar molecule and increasing production of energy rich compounds. It produces certain changes in the blood and blood vessels that improve blood circulation. It causes dilatation of small blood vessels and can be used to treat many circulatory diseases.
  • It stimulates the White blood cells which produce more defense molecules to fight infections and allergies. Most disease causing germs are anaerobic life forms (They cannot use Oxygen to produce high energy compounds). They lack Anti-Oxidant Defense enzymes. Therefore, they just cannot survive in presence of powerful oxidant like singlet Oxygen, however much they try and mutate!! This property can be used to treat infections.
  • Ozone stimulates body's Anti-Oxidant Defense System. Many chronic oxidative stress diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, Rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension can be controlled by Oxygen Ozone Healing Therapy. Ozone stimulates the body's healing process. Therefore, Ozone Therapy is useful in treating non healing diabetic ulcers, post operations wounds, varicose ulcers, bed sores, burns, fistula, fissures, cuts and cracks and skin diseases like Herpes, Psoriasis, eczema, stubborn fungal infections of the nail, pimples, warts, etc.

Cancer cells derive their energy by fermenting sugar without using Oxygen. Cancer cells are deficient in antioxidant enzyme system like other lower life forms and are unable to fight the Ozone onslaught. On the other hand normal, healthy cells can protect themselves from Ozone by their rich Anti-Oxidant Defense System. Oxygen Ozone Healing Therapy must be offered to ALL cancer patients.

  • Ozone prevents cells from fermenting sugars and thus prevents cancer.
  • It reduces the side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation to a very large extent. Reduces pain in cancer.
  • It gives feeling of well being and rejuvenation. The zest for life is returned.
  • It helps in reducing tumor size.
  • It helps in controlling troublesome symptoms in certain inoperable cancers. Example, fits in meningioma.
  • Ozone is an excellent therapy for DETOXIFICATION. When enough Oxygen starts reaching each and every cell, cells start oxidizing toxins which were built up from life generating processes as well as from pollution, wrong food and sedentary life style! The body actually gets the breath of fresh air and cleans itself from all the toxins.
  • REJUVENATION: Increased production of high energy compounds; by proper oxidation of sugar, following Ozone therapy brings the feeling of rejuvenation! Certain chemicals released in brain as a result of Ozone Therapy, can also bring about positive changes in mood and increase in enthusiasm.

Q. Are there any side effects?

Not, if given correctly. In my 5 years of experience, I have not come across any side effects. This is an extremely safe treatment. Few patients may have some soreness at the injection site that occurs for a day or two after the treatment. Ozone must not be inhaled. Accidental inhalation during treatment may lead to minor symptoms like burning of eyes, coughing, nausea or vomiting, or mild headache in very sensitive individual. Giving Vitamin C or lime water will cure most symptoms. Sometime due to detoxification, patient's condition may seem to worsen for 1-2 day but it most certainly improves on continuation of therapy. (This is NOT a side effect.) Oxygen Ozone Healing Therapy is Safe. In medicine, ozone has a number of well-established properties: It is antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. Both the FDA and EPA certify that ozone destroys 99.9992 percent of all pathogenic germs, while oxidizing (destroying) 99.9992 percent of all pollutants in the water at the same time. There are thousands of references documented in the medical literature on the safe use of medical ozone therapy or oxygen therapy from doctors and professionals around the world. In a 1980 study done by the German Medical Society for Ozone Therapy, 644 therapists were polled regarding their 384,775 patients, comprising a total of 5,579,238 ozone treatments administered. There were only 40 cases of side effects noted out of this number that represents an incredibly low rate of 0.000007%. Ozone has thus proven to be the safest medical therapy ever devised.

Q. What are the different ways in which Oxygen Ozone Healing therapy is administered?

Medication in gaseous forms is somewhat unusual, therefore special application techniques are consider for the safe use of ozone.


External/Local Application:

  • Ozone Bagging
  • Ozone Funneling/Cupping
  • Ozone Water
  • Ozone Oil
  • Breathing Ozone through Oil
  • Ozone Steam Bath


Internal/Systemic Application:
Non invasive application

  • Intra Rectal Ozone Insufflation
  • Intra Vaginal Ozone Insufflation
  • Ear Ozone Insufflations
  • Invasive application

  • Intraarticular Ozone Injections
  • Intramuscular Ozone Injections
  • Subcutaneous Ozone Injections
  • Periarticular Ozone Injections
  • Paravertebral Ozone Injections
  • Microinjections at Biologically Active Points
  • Intravenous infusion of Ozonated Saline
  • Major AutoHemoTherapy
  • Minor AutoHemoTherapy
  • Recirculatory Hemoperfusion
  • Ozone Injections for Spine
  • Ozone Discectomy
  • Q. Tell me about Non-Invasive methods of giving Oxygen Ozone Gas Mixture?

    Non invasive Applications i.e. Insufflations means passing ozone resistant thin plastic catheter through an opening in the body and giving ozone through it.

    Q. How many sessions are required for Medical Oxygen Ozone Healing Therapy and how much time does each session take?

    The number of treatment sessions varies from patient to patient. There are many factors that can contribute to one patient healing faster than another. The age and the severity of the disease will affect the number of treatment sessions. Most patients experience a positive result after the first few treatments and continue to improve after every treatment. Generally 20 external ozone applications are required. A combination of external and internal ozone applications gives a quicker and more effective response. The patients may need a "booster" injection after the initial course. Usually, it must be repeated after 6 months

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