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Best Knee Pain Treatment in Delhi, India


Perfect clinic to look after your Knee and joints


Knee pain is a very common pain in people of all ages either children or adults. It can happen to anyone. There are many causes behind it. But if any preventive measure is not taken on time than may lead you towards surgery/operation of knee joint replacement. To get the best treatment for your knee pains choose Dr. Bajpai’s Spine and Ortho pain Centre. We are known as No. 1 Orthopedic Specialist in Delhi. At our clinic, we provide all kinds of treatment to help you get rid of your knee pain. Here, we serve you with best-in-class service and treatment at very affordable price. Our doctors examine the problem via latest technologies like X-Ray, CT scan, MRI scan, etc… than to give you appropriate treatment incorporated with exercises devised by Physical therapists to get better results in minimum time. Our highly experienced doctors will look after you with complete attention and give you the best solution. Our motive is to provide you a permanent relief from your pain and serve you a happy and pain free life.



Causes and Symptoms of Knee Pain

There is no fixed cause for knee pain. Knee pain can occur due to many reasons as follows:

  • If you are overweight.
  • If you are overdoing exercises such as running.
  • If you are not doing stretching before and after exercise or improper stretching.
  • You should move or walk enough to keep your body healthy and moving.
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury
  • Your kneecap might have dislocated.
  • You may have bad posture.

You should take care of all these things also if you find symptoms of knee pain just directly opt for the Best Knee pain treatment in Delhi, India. The symptoms of Knee pain are like Constant ache, sharp and shooting pain, etc... There are many treatments available for knee pain treatment such as therapy, medication, surgery/operation, injections, etc… Our team includes the best doctors and therapists who care for you. Their aim is to treat your problem without any surgery until mandatory. To avoid knee pain issues always do stretching before and after exercises to warm and cool down the joints and muscles.

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