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Prolozone For Injured and Osteoarthritic Joints

Prolozone for Injured and Osteoarthritics Joints

There is no need to suffer any longer.We can help.Soft tissue injury or overall joint weakness can lead to degenerative joint conditions like arthritis. Often times when a ligaments and tendons are injured or weakened by use, the other structures of the joint sustain added pressure. Eventually these structures become fatigued and the cartilage begins to deteriorate. Chronic joint pain is either due to loss of cartilage, or laxity of the connective tissue (tendons/ligaments).Medical Oxygen Ozone Healing Therapy and Prolozone Therapy are the treatments that promote healing of the affected joint by stimulating new collagen production, which builds new cartilage, strengthens tendons and ligaments, and reverses osteoarthritis. Prolozone therapy can stop this deterioration and eliminate pain. Prolozone therapy treats the cause of the arthritic process so you can get back to living pain free. Up to 98% of ligament injuries in and around the knee joint are partial tears only, therefore before going for surgery, it is better to try Prolozone treatment as an alternative. Prolozone therapy will begin collagen formation both outside and inside the knee joint depending on the structure(s) that are treated. Prolozone therapy stimulates the body to heal itself. Surgery in the knee is appropriate when the ligament is completely torn, such as would occur in a high velocity injury.


• Safe, simple & quick procedure

• Affordable OPD treatment

• Absence of any significant side effects

• Reduces the requirement of pain killers

• Avoids or postpones expensive joint replacement surgery.

• No additional procedure related pain during treatment.

• Especially suited to patients who are medically unfit for surgery.

• Up to 80% patients can have good to excellent relief in symptoms.

• Good tolerance by patients.

Is Prolozone Safe?

This is an extremely safe treatment. Results of procedure depend up on healing ability of the patient also. Few patients may have some soreness at the injection site that occurs for a day or two after the treatment.


How Many Treatment Sessions are Needed?

The number of treatment sessions varies from patient to patient. There are many factors that can contribute to one patient healing faster than another. The age and the severity of the injury will affect the number of treatments required. Most patients experience a positive result after the first few treatments and continue to improve after every session. Generally 3-5 sessions are required, however some patients may need up to 6-7 sessions for full achievable results.


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