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How to Avoid Knee Joint Replacement Surgery by Dr. Bajpai’s

How to Avoid Knee Joint Replacement Surgery by Dr. Bajpai’s

How to Avoid Knee Joint Replacement Surgery by Dr. Bajpai’s Posted by: admin

As you grow old, your major joint like hip or knee will cause some problems. The root cause of this is often arthritis. Mostly people are scared on how to avoid knee joint replacement surgery and hence do not consult a doctor or try home remedies to suppress the pain.

Here are some tips to how to avoid knee joint replacement efficiently.

1. Weight loss for reducing the risk of knee replacement :
Weight loss is one of the most crucial ways to avoid knee replacement surgery. Once you reduce 15 pounds or more, you’ll be able to reduce the complications and strain from your knees. It is said that one pound of weight loss is equivalent to 4 pounds of release in pressure from the knees.

2. Keep your movement mode on:
If you keep moving your body, you tend to make your tissues flexible and lubricated with nutrients that help in reducing the risk of knee surgery. Walking is the great way to keep your legs moving and knees pain-free and healthy. You can get more ideas for maintaining your health and keep stretching to keep your body moving.

3. Strengthen your thigh muscles:
If you strengthen your quadriceps muscles, you can reduce your knee pain and complications of knee surgery. Some exercises like cycling; stretching etc. increases blood circulation and improves the health of your knee by building your calves muscles.

4. Sit To stand:
It is the position that helps in squeezing a small ball between the knees and hips to maximize the power to 50%. Come back to standing position in a controlled manner while sharing equal weight between the unaffected knee and affected knee.

5. Hyaluronic acid Injection treatment:
The hyaluronic acid injection treatment is FDA approves and usually carried out in reducing the intolerable knee pain. This is a natural lubricant which is injected to increase the function, reduce pain and help delay arthritis surgery.

The above five points will surely help in reducing your knee pain and delay your Knee Joint Replacement efficiently.
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