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Best Prolotherapy Doctors in Delhi

Best Prolotherapy Doctors in Delhi

Best Prolotherapy Doctors in Delhi Posted by: admin

Want to get lasting relief from all instances of joint pains without going through the trouble and suffering of a surgical procedure and the long recovery period it takes to heal after that? All you people who are suffering from chronic joint pains have the option of going for Best Prolotherapy Doctors in Delhi, India, Pitampura now. A recently introduced, highly sophisticated and non-invasive treatment procedure, prolotherapy is fast emerging as a great alternative treatment that is offering lasting relief to people from all instances of joint pains in a relatively shorter duration than the conventional surgical procedures.

With this new advanced treatment procedure, the damaged tendons and ligaments supporting the joints are repaired, regenerated and reconstructed by injecting a highly concentrated mixture of dextrose and a local anesthetic into the affected area. This solution acts as a stimulant by triggering body’s natural ability to repair itself, thus inducing growth and repair of these ligaments & tendons that have been damaged by years of over and improper use. Depending on how the patient is responding to the treatment, the orthopedic specialist may also go for multiple injections (Up to 5) to further enhance ligament and tendon repair to restore the strength in the weakened area. This procedure responds particularly well to conditions of arthritic back & neck pain, joint sprains, degenerative disc disease, chronic tendonitis, osteoarthritis and more.

Since this treatment procedure works primarily by stimulating the body’s own system to repair itself, it is actually able to provide long-term relief to patients. Carried out in a clinic, prolotherapy can be done in a single sitting without use of general anesthesia or need of an overnight hospital stay. Recovery with this procedure is also pretty quick, and most people taking this treatment are able to resume their normal duties immediately after the procedure. The total time taken in completing the entire procedure from the time of admission of patient, to the administering of injection in the affected area and patient’s discharge is hardly 60 minutes.

A great thing about going for Best Prolotherapy in Delhi, India, Pitampura  is that it is completely non-invasive and does not require the patient to stay hospitalized for days. As a matter of fact, this procedure only takes half an hour at the most to administer in the affected person. And yet, in stark contrast to other conventional treatments available that provide only temporary relief from pain, this procedure offers permanent relief to nearly 80% patients undertaking this treatment.

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